Experience beauty with precision.


With the MEGA models from Junghans.


With the MEGA models from Junghans.

Style is based on precision – the precision of carefully selecting every detail. Junghans watches embody this understanding – far beyond the accuracy of the time display.


The MEGA models from Junghans thus combine an absolutely precise radio-controlled movement with pleasant haptics, attractive design and a feel for something special. Time becomes a comfort experience.



The fascinating overall impression of the watch is based on the combination of precise details: The length of the hands, the arrangement of the indices and the proportions of the case are harmoniously coordinated. A glance at the face of the MEGA provides the time and inspires with a wonderfully clear design. A design according to the principle “Form follows function”. This idea is also reflected in the choice of bracelets, which contribute to the unique feeling when wearing the watch. The MEGA models combine technical precision with consistent elegance in a fascinating way – while also embodying the perfect representation of accuracy.



Special technologies enable the wearer to enjoy remarkable time comfort. In addition to daily synchronisation with the time signal of the world’s most accurate clocks, all currently recognised time zones can be set effortlessly using the crown – and needless to say, not a single second of accuracy is forfeited in the process. In regions with no signal reception, the time can be trans-mitted using the app.


The time display is also fascinating: The hands and date wheel of the watch always move ele-gantly a few moments before the start of the next minute or the new day. The MEGA models thus show the transition to the new time unit in a particularly precise and exceptionally beauti-ful way.


Junghans MEGA – experiencing the beauty of time with precision.